Is this a wind-up? Is yootoobia ‘aving a private giggle at me?

Pathé News finished in 1970.

I’ve lived on the billion acres of Salisbury Plain FOUR times.

Scott Merrow – the only comment there – is a name I recognise. But from a channel that he does NOT support now.

Not a single Blind Mice, yt Men Only Club member to see. Lots of other BS…In my opinion.

BTW : My boys’ Grandad started as a Sapper aged 15. He left the Royal Engineers as a Major. He was a Captain when he became F-i-L and my Dad was a lowly Detective Constable. Because my Dad refused to kiss arse and preferred to work his job rather than the Upper Echelons Idea of his job.

To this day he (F-i-L) believes that his son has married beneath him.

Whatever. He’s, father-in-law, a Spike Milligan fan so not everything is bad on the HomeFront :o)

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