Hannah Hauxwell

I had a phone chat with M-i-L this morning.

We both ranted about how so many local shops for local people have closed and been replaced by fast food takeaway chains.

Greengrocers. Butchers. Florists. Newsagents. Ironmongers. Banks. Gone.

Are people so lazy now that they just use an app on their phones and order a delivery of pizza.

Hannah Hauxwell was the last of dead breed.

P.S. My friend was here the other day and remembered, mid-chat, that she’d forgotten to set the burglar alarm on her house. She whipped out her phone and it took seconds. A few days later her husband, who was in the van shouting orders at my husband, got bored and used Alexa on his phone to turn the lights on and off in their house.

Alexa – turn on the kettle.


She rang him up and shouted naughty words :o)

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