Welcome To The House of Fun


One pulled his vid. One let his live chat run into total BS and One just loves all and everything said to him…when it doesn’t challenge HIS narrative.

Happy August or Lughnasadh as us stupid and ignorant Pagan Celts call it.

How about Lammas Day or Loaf Mass day which is Christian?

Which ever. Today marks Harvest Day when loaves of bread were baked to celebrate a good harvest. It’s also the midpoint between the Summer Solstice and the September Equinox. Maybe. Or so they say.

What would I know ?

P.S. Apart from the fact that in the UK the six week Summer Holiday from school starts around the 17/18/19th of July and ends at the beginning of September. When the kids used to help with the harvest and the storing of the crops for winter.

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