Love At First Sight

I was in town this morning with 15 minutes spare before the bank opened so I went for a wander.

And my eye caught something beautiful down the StableWalk Alley.

The originator is in the video below but this one was made by a local woman. So I went in to talk to Debs (new friend) about it.

The one I saw had been RUST dyed and then lino-printed with few black cow parsleys.

Pattern bought. Calico to make it will be bought tomorrow. £5 a metre. And I need – a metre.

Rewind…about 10 metres :o)

I’m going to dye the first one with tea and embroider P.O.E.T.S Day on it. To tell the entire family that EVERYDAY is a p off early, I’m having FUN day.

You will understand if you watch Janet.

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