Alasdair Mac Colla Chiotaich MacDhòmhnaill (c. 1610 – 13 November 1647) aka Sir Alexander MacDonald.

Thanks to an amazing friend, I learned quite a bit about Alasdair and the Lord of the Isles.

She is much more Scandinavian than me.

“They” say that Mac Colla was 6ft 7inches…though slightly shorter when “they” beheaded (?) him in Ireland.

Mac Colla’s father Coll Ciotach, who was again taken prisoner at Dunyvaig, was killed in retaliation for his son’s atrocities in the Campbell country. Mac Colla himself rejoined the Irish Confederates: he initially made plans to lead his veteran troops to Spain into the service of Philip IV, though in the event nothing came of the proposal. He also made an attempt to join the Ulster army of Owen Roe O’Neill, but was forbidden from doing so by the Marquess of Antrim, who was by then on bad terms with O’Neill.


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