Snow White HAS Changed Gender

Someday my prince will come?

When you’ve been Exposed/ Called Out Once – MAN UP & Fight Back.

When you’ve been Exposed/Called Out Multiple Times and still HIDE – you are now Snow White waiting for someone else to fight your battles for you.

I have fought every single insult and lie. Called out multiple Snow White fakers. Backed up every single thing that I’ve said and done with truth and proof.

More people are doing this now. Backing up THEIR life and research.

And each of us are being CUT DOWN instantly.

Just dream away in your Disney Vault & Keep on making the same mistakes….you know….because you HAVE to appear RIGHT and STRONG and TRUTHFUL and LIFE-CHANGING and IM-fecking-PORTANT.

Masks are worn both inside and out. FACT :o)


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