There are Givers. There are TAKERS!

Greta Brookes <>Sat, 10 Jul, 11:07
to UAP

This is a pretty good OLD source that may help you in deciphering Art.

I’ve used it over and again for really deep insights.As Matt always says – There is layer upon layer upon…
Take it or leave it. No worries.
I hope you are well.

NEVER ONCE have I been thanked. By any of The Them.

So many times have they all been called out as fake. But still they keep singing the same tune over and over and o…zzzzzzzz


SPOILER : A Psycho manipulates her “friends” via sex and booze to enter a LOCKED rabbit hole.

It’s a good film, actually.

P.S. I once told a mate that Desmond Harrington was destined for GREAT things. I was sooo wrong. Thora, Keira and Laurence Fox are now totes famous. Desmond? He played Jean d’Aulon in The Messenger…… !

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