The True Truth about “TRUTHERS”

Every comment that I made about an hour ago on a yt “TRUTH” channel that will never be seen.

Dark Chocolate in Chilli is well known!

Porot drinks Chocolate for breakfast!



Anne of Austria mother of Louis XIV drank chocolate for breakfast in the 17th century!

Anne of Austria was Spanish!

Chocolate is GREAT for women with P M S – calms them down!

Make Chilli con Carne with DARK Chocolate…gorgeous

Vanilla is the smell of a mother and baby – comfort

De Nada :o)

The Lady LOVES Milk Tray – UK advert for chocolate

Cocoa Bitter is great for the skin


US chocolate was always too sweet for me

Coco nut oil Cocoa Butter Aloe Vera unaltered are all good moisturisers for skin

Chocolate plus Orange = Genius. Yummy

How do you cook whatnot?


Yup Strawberries dipped in chocolate

Oh. The 4 ?


And here we have the reason why I am life-time banned from these channels.

NOT one single person can CHALLENGE ME with an alternative truth. NOT ONE.

Much easier to hide and silence me.


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