Fear, Sneer & Edward de Vere

What with Blue Clay and William Carpenter : neither of which I’ve seen mentioned on the NEO-Mainstream Yt Truthy channels : I’ve reached a revelation.

What certain peeps FEAR most and SNEER at so often is someone who comes along, williy-nilly, and chucks a different way of thinking at them.

It causes BRAIN FREEZE and/or MELT. Which, in turn, causes the fight or Fight or FFFFIGHT reflex.

This FFFFIGHT reflex comes out in insults, personal. Belittling. Bullying. Ritual Humiliation.

And an ALL-IN free-for-all BLOODFEST.


BTW : Bacon did not write Shakespeare. I was taught as a Stratfordian. Researched and became a Baconian. Researched even more and am now an OXFORDIAN. Might be right, might be wrong, but at least I DID THE WORK MYSELF :o)

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