Traditional Sunday Roast

Both me and he grew up this way.

1:30/2pm. Sunday. LUNCH.

Every kid from my generation thinks that their mother cooked the best Sunday Roast Ever. But his mother is pure genius. Roast potatoes to die for.

I brought our kids up like this. Although one of them turned into a complete weirdo and prefers Tuna/Mayo sandwiches today. Shrug.

I had a lovely conversation with an old friend who served me in the local shop at 8am this morning. She beeped everything through and said…I KNOW what you are doing today!

We have here a swiftly dying tradition in the UK that comes from way back, when the entire family would go to church in the morning (not my fam btw) and come home to a wonderful lunch. Sunday afternoon was then spent taking a long walk in the countryside followed by a quick nap before tea.

It’s ALL in the timing. Darned Tooting. And very annoying when you get interrupted about a hundred times with total trivials whilst doing mental time-keeping. Harumph.


P.S. We are having chicken. And cauliflower. Instead of beef and cabbage.

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