I’m The King of The Castle And You’re The Dirty Rascal.

If you remember the nursery rhyme.

My brothers and I used to build a huge pile of sand on the beach, walk a long way away and then race each other to see who’d climb the hill first.

Whoever did, got to sing the rhyme.

P.S. We were NOT averse to dirty tactics and a spot or two of cheating :o)

Joseph Hooper has inherited a large house, and lives with his 10-year-old son Edmund Hooper. They have a cold, formal relationship that lacks any compassion. Joseph announces that a housekeeper will be moving in, and will bring her son who is of a similar age to Edmund. Mrs. Helena Kingshaw and her son Charles arrive at Warings. Edmund becomes defensive of his house, and instantly takes a dislike to Charles. He proceeds to taunt and bully Charles.

The family take a trip to Leydell Castle. Charles exploits Edmunds’s own fears as they climb the ancient monument. Edmund falls and is badly injured. As he recovers, it appears that Charles is becoming more independent, and he meets a local boy by the name of Fielding. Fielding appears confident and well-rounded, and takes Charles to his farm where he witnesses the birth of a calf. This is in stark contrast to Warings, which is filled with death and morbidity. Fielding offers Charles hope away from the manipulative clutches of Edmund. Once Edmund returns to health, the regime of taunting resumes. Edmund’s cruelty climaxes, and Charles is devastated when he discovers that Helena and Joseph have agreed to marry, and that Edmund and Charles will attend school together. The novel ends with ……… ?

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