Future Vampires

I heard the above phrase recently and it has opened up a whole new aspect of research for me.

This is something that just about every single person in the history of ever has experienced. From the benign to the pure evil.

It might start with comment made to you as a child by your parent like…You will never amount to anything with that attitude.

For me, personally, I’ve had my past, present and future sucked from me by people I’ve never met and, to be brutally honest, never want to meet.

Everything is energy. FACT. From words to ideas to money to love to information to thoughts to kindness to.. … ….!

And the EMPTY of this world have nothing inside so they must SYPHON OFF what you so freely give away, often without knowledge of what you are doing.

Wow. That was a clever trick to pull on the masses. Making “Vampires” so fascinating and sexy and chilling and thrilling – all at the same time.

Blood is also Energy.

Vampires can control your mind and body with theirs. A bit like Viruses?

Sneaky little bastards :o)

P.S. Tavistock Witch as called by Martin aka Kate Bush Vibe )?(

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