Down the Plughole

D’y’all know this song?

Maybe not. It’s a “traditional” UK song called A Mother’s Lament.

David sings it at the end of Taken at the Flood. See below.

Your Baby Has Gone Down the Plughole
(A Mother’s Lament)

Traditional Song

A mother was bathing her baby one night
The youngest of ten and a delicate mite
The mother was poor and the baby was thin
Was only a skeleton covered in skin.
The mother turned round for the soap on the rack
Was only a moment but when she turned back;
Her baby had gone and in anguish she cried,
“Oh where is my babe?” The angels replied…

“Your baby has gone down the plughole
Your baby has gone down the plug;
The poor little thing was so skinny and thin,
He should have been bathed in a jug.
Your baby is perfectly happy
He won’t need a bath any more;
He’s floating away down the drainpipe
Not lost but gone before…”

Not really a very nice song. It recalls days of famine. And rather an appropriate song for an Irishman to sing, just as he is being hanged, in the video below.

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