JB vs Himself

Himself spent 6 months protecting the Brit Amb in Alg.


We are in North Africa, peeps.

Himself and JB had MANY a confrontation. Face to Face. Until he told JB to F Off and get the cameras away from him and HIS team.

Still no sweary words, Mother :o)

JB was doing his job as a journalist.

Fast forward……

Himself also had many a f to f confrontation (plus a cup of coffee) with Caroline Hawley in Iraq. SCHMOOZER!

Side Note : Caro was born in Nigeria. Where we started our business. And from where I have had my one and only LIKE today. FACT!

Oh. And the Brit Amb in Alg asked for an MBE for himself. Which was blocked by his haters who’d sent him to protect said Brit Amb.

Life is a bitch, yeah?

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