Sinead Went Home…To a National Park?

Since when did Killarney become a National Park?

I’ve read the Annals of Innisfallen.

Brian Boru and his grandson Muirchertach Ua Briain must be turning in their graves.

Muirchertach Ua Briain had a bit of a tiff with Magnus Barelegs, King of Norway about the title of High King of Ireland. Enter the Ravens of Dinefwr from the TEWDWR line of Wales and THEIR revenges against William the Bastard Conqueror!!!!!!!!


However, this attracted the attention of the King of Norway, Magnus III, better known as Magnus Barefoot, who wanted to retain Norwegian power in the area and bring the Norse Kingdoms such as Orkney, the Isles and Dublin. With a fleet of around sixty ships and several thousand men, he re-established Norse power in the area, garrisoning the islands of Orkney and Man. Although some sources say he did want to conquer Ireland, there was not much contact between the Norwegians and the Irish, apart from an incident when three Norwegian ships were sunk by the Ulaid (who were under Muirchertach’s overlordship), probably while cattle raiding in the area. Some sources do say Magnus planned a full assault on Ireland, but the Irish gathered a large army on the coast, and Magnus did not attack.

Earlier, Muirchertach had sent a fleet to Wales to help the Welsh fight the Normans who were encroaching on their territory on the island of Anglesey. However, the Normans were able to buy off the Irish ships to their side, and the Welsh were defeated. The English victory celebrations were interrupted by Magnus, however, who landed and routed the Norman army, reputedly shooting Hugh de Montgomery, brother of Arnulf, through the eye. Later, when the Irish fleet returned home, they were punished by Muirchertach for their treachery. After this event, Anglesey was considered the southernmost point of the Kingdom of Norway. After these campaigns, Magnus went home to Norway to campaign against Sweden, but he would return later.

Is EVERYTHING a money-making scheme now?

Is EVERYONE an Historian now?

P.S. Sorry, Sinead, for my rant.

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