There IS a Thin Line between Love & Hate

Cue song?

No. Done that.

Chrissie Hynde Pretenders Vibe.

I’m just seeing all the lovers turning into haters under FAF names. The lovers built these channels up…why?

So that they could DESTROY them. FACT!

This is age old and ancient. Glorify the wannabes then kill them.


How can I state this?

Because I have ZERO views. ZERO comments. ZERO likes here…more often than not.

People like me CHALLENGE the norm. And then CHALLENGE again. And again. And again.

We don’t piss around with fake games. Life is TOO SHORT for a pissing match.

Why I’m hated. I’m Female. Empath. Challenger…. as opposed to smoke-up-yer-arse-blower.

I can only help those who truly want to be helped. The rest can go…….OK, Mum. Not doing that word today :o)

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