Are YOU Ashamed of YOU?


That is a loaded question :o)

My brothers and I were born into and brought up by a couple who were Toxic to each other. No getting away from that. It’s true.

Dad was the Deep & Quiet Man and Mum was the Attention Whore. Much as I love her….she HAD to be the only one to get attention.

My brothers and I grew up together…as in as far away from their battles as possible…and this taught us to rely on ourselves as individuals.

Chris just said something so profound to me.

I am always the outsider. Essentially on my own. People like us are not destined to be rich and famous.

And he does not and never will apologise for that. Sound familiar?

We three grew up being completely unashamed of our own individuality, no matter what BS was thrown at at us.

This gave us the utter respect of personal privacy and boundaries.

I NEVER march into my boys’ rooms. I ALWAYS knock on the door first.

People like us are secure and happy in being outside the “box.” We LOVE being outside the “box.”

People who insist of living inside the “box” with so many others are ASHAMED of their God-Given right to be them.

ASHAMED of themselves.

Waxing philosophical, me?

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