Reincarnation vs Transmigration

The idea of reincarnation has never been a problem for me. It makes quite good sense. But…

…Transmigration of my soul into another life form such as a CHICKEN freaks me out.


Not even going to think about that one!

We have chicken on the menu again today. Warm Chicken Salad.

Below is a basic recipe. I tart this up to our own tastes and stuff available.

New potatoes parboiled, sliced and oven-baked in olive oil and salt. Yes.

Chicken marinaded in herbs and/or spices then grilled. Yes.

Lettuce leaves. Yes. With red peppers, baby tomatoes, thinly sliced raw carrots, maybe tiny bits of celery and grapes and baby beetroot and diced apple and french dressing and avocado and black olives and a soft/hard boiled (7 minutes) egg or a few…etc.

If I EVER come back as a Chicken, I WILL file a complaint Upstairs. FACT!

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