Kiev in The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle?

A.D. 1057.  This year came Edward Etheling, son of King Edmund,
to this land, and soon after died.  His body is buried within St.
Paul's minster at London.  He was brother's son to King Edward.
King Edmund was called Ironside for his valour.  This etheling
King Knute had sent into Hungary, to betray him; but he there
grew in favour with good men, as God granted him, and it well
became him; so that he obtained the emperor's cousin in marriage,
and by her had a fair offspring.  Her name was Agatha.  We know
not for what reason it was done, that he should see his relation,
King Edward.  Alas!  that was a rueful time, and injurious to all
this nation--that he ended his life so soon after he came to
England, to the misfortune of this miserable people.

The main link here is AGATHA.

Agatha was (allegedly) one of the daughters of Yaroslavl the Wise, King of Kiev. Which made her the sister of Elisiv, who was Harald Hardradr’s wife and the grandmother of Magnus Barelegs, King of Norway.

As stated above in the A-S Chronicle, Edward “the Exile” was sent to Hungary by Canute. It was here that another sister of Elisiv of Kiev lived. Anastasia was the wife of Andrew I of Hungary. And it was here that Edward and Agatha met and married. They had three children, one of whom became known as Saint Margaret or Margaret of Scotland.

She was a very pious Christian, and among many charitable works she established a ferry across the Firth of Forth in Scotland for pilgrims travelling to St Andrews in Fife, which gave the towns of South Queensferry and North Queensferry their names. Margaret was the mother of three kings of Scotland, or four, if Edmund of Scotland (who ruled with his uncle, Donald III) is counted, and of a queen consort of England. According to the Vita S. Margaritae (Scotorum) Reginae (Life of St. Margaret, Queen (of the Scots)), attributed to Turgot of Durham, she died at Edinburgh Castle in EdinburghScotland in 1093, merely days after receiving the news of her husband’s death in battle.

BTW : I’d add about 300 years to the timelines above. WHY?

I’d go into this in more detail but I’ve done it several times already. Just look up Genghis Khan in my search bar!

Ain’t History strange? ? ?

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