Brut y Tywysogion

One of THE MOST IMPORTANT Primary Sources….

And yt gives us this SHIT?

Brut y Tywysogion means Chronicle of the Princes.

I have used it multiple times in multiple ways. THE CHRONICLE.

Not via yt channels. But via the Primary source. Translated into English. Shame on ME (?)

God. I am SO SICK of commenters who call people TROLLS because they do not use yt videos and do not have zillions of yt videos made famous by yt.

EXCUSEZ MOI : There is a WHOLE WORLD outside of youtube channels. And if y’all go to yt to “research” – then that’s what YOU do.

Despair Vibe?

Nah. More Angry and totes Bored with BULLY/HEXPERT/CON-TROLLS.


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