P.S. The WHY Behind MY Gone

Close friend.

21 years old.


Set himself on fire last night in front of his father.

70% burns and fighting for his life.

The village was in LockDown part of the night as the police, ambulance, fire brigade and Air Ambulance Helicopter swooped on us to save him.

Imagine….Just IMAGINE seeing your child set fire to himself right in front of you.

And so many people are so intent on making money and beating everyone else to the prize and spouting their opinions and being butt-hurt over a person who disagrees with them on line.

WELL, dear peeps….

Y’all can go back to whence y’all came from.

P.S. I DO NOT LIE about this shit. It happened. It’s MY REAL LIFE and I’m done with the fakers. FACT!!!!!

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