Connecting the Dots…

I am either very stupid (?) or divinely inspired today(?)

It took me 20 years to research and write a book. It is here on this website.

You don’t even have to buy it. Download the free sample at Amazon to understand this post.

I’ve just made a frightening connection.

I research far and deep. Always have done. This comes from my research. Those who know will understand the significance.


In Paris it was called La Crotte. The Shit.

Two quotes from Chapter 1

He did not like it when she stayed quiet, so she ignored him. He said, ‘Did you hear about the fat Gascon and his horse falling into the Seine during Matins this morning? They say that if this rain swell continues, they’ll both surface at Le Havre by Compline.’


The Cabaret des Lanternes folded around Wat Montagu as he sat, damply, beside a brazier, his spirits mingled inside and outside his boots, along with a good layer of mud.


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