The Real Genghis Khan?

In 1185 Andronicus I Comnenus was crucified in Yoros. During the horrors of the Sack of Constantinople, one of Andronicus’ close relatives (Aeneas/John/Ryurik) fled north to safety. Maybe he took several close family members with him, including the mother of Andronicus, whom he settled safely in her home at Cape Florient, Crimea. Who knows?



If you have read Timeline for Tartaria – Basic, you will have seen that Constantinople was also known as Troy/Jerusalem/Czar-Grad.

The name Aeneas reflects the Flight from Troy.

John was Christ’s favourite disciple. He told Mary that John was now her son.

Ryurik was a Russian hero, the founder of the Tsardom of Russia.


Yaroslavl in Vladimir-Suzdal

Aeneas/John/Ryurik finally settled in the Vladimir-Suzdal region of modern-day Russia, a perfect geographical location on the meeting place of the rivers Oka and Volga. It was here that the fortified town of Yaroslavl was built and it was this entire area that became known as Gospodin Velikiy Novgorod (Lord Novgorod the Great.) The very heart of an Empire.



Little is known about the Tsars during this century, but the descendants of Andronicus flourished and prospered in a richly abundant country. They farmed and bred horses and gradually a new military caste was formed called The Cossacks.

Whereas, previously, the royal family had administered their vast Romean Empire mainly through the rivers and oceans, they could now cover immense stretches of land via horse.

A whole new army/horde had risen.



It should be noted that Tsar/Kahn etc all mean the same – Grand Prince.

And it should be especially noted that MONGOLIAN means Great. It has absolutely nothing to do with the country of Mongolia (!!)




“Yuri of Moscow”


The Grand Prince Georgiy Danilovich (son of Danil?) ruled the Empire from 1318 to 1329. It was this descendent of Andronicus I Comnenus who unified all the lands of modern-day Russia and several other Slavic countries. The so-called Mongolian-Tartar Yoke that fake history tells us about.

If you search for his name on the internet he comes up as Yuri of Moscow but he was also known under several other names.


Holy Georgiy  Popedonosets – St George the Victorious. (Yes, that St George, 23rd April)

Georgiy Danilovich Moskovskii


Georgiy/Yuri died at the Battle of Syt (Sitt) and was succeeded by his brother Ivan.


Ivan Danilovich Kalita


“Yaroslav the Wise”


Ivan continued his brother’s expansion of The Empire. Under him it moved far to the West (Europe) and to the South. In Italy, Ivan founded the VATICAN and the Italian city of ROME.

This Rome in Italy became the 5th Rome of the ROMEAN (NOT Roman) Empire. The first was in Egypt, then Yoros, then Constantinople, the Yaroslav,

Isn’t it strange how the whole history of the world changed for the want of the letter E?

Like his brother before him, Ivan was known by several different names.


Ivan Kalita

Yaroslav the Wise


Prester John (!)



Another day I will write about how this family and their Tartary Empire stretched across most of the known and unknown world. They did it by colonisation and assimilation. By sharing and showing and building and teaching and learning.












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