Post Script to Previous Post with Alanis

Thank you, India

Thank you, terror…etc


Why is this so significant to me?

Well…don’t tell anyone else but….my own personal stalker, whom I’ve named Lady Macbeth, has set her VPN to India. (Tehehehe!!!)

I’ve been tracking her for about a year now. Fascinating evidence. As soon as India appears in my stats, I know exactly what she’s been feeding on.

And sure enough – every single time, without fail – she spills her sneaky skankiness in an FE live chat, FE comments etc somewhere.

Or sends it to a sleepy ytuber who believes her every syrupy word. BARF  :@(


Thank you. Thank you THANK Yoooohooohooooowho :o)


BTW -she’s been here today and clocked this post.


GB : 20th January 2020


Heads Up. Be prepared for some BS poison to be spat about the “Tartary Convention” due in 6 days.

Shuuuush. Mum’s the word!!!!!

No gossipy gossip allowed.

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