Snakes & Ladders & Dirty, Stinking Rats

GB : 17th Aug 2020

GB : 17th Aug 2020

Waiting a few days before you publicly publish your Filthy BS on yt won’t save you, snakes/rats/thieves.

Y’all can twist and turn and dirty the TRUE Truth as much and as often as you like.

It’ll will ALWAYS be a Hollow Victory.

Y’all forgot the most recent reset aka THE GREAT AWAKENING!

Uuurm. Far too many people can see NOW exactly what I SAW 2 years ago.

P.S. I’m finding it quite amusing that y’all leave ME alone now.

No more death threats etc. Woohoooo :o)

Y’all are only targeting those who are much less strong, sure, independent and #unbovvered than me ? ? ?

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