All My Chickens Are Roosting : Penelope Rich

GB 19th October 2018 : Did Mary Sidney Write Shakespeare’s Plays?

Even I had no idea about What an Absolutely Tangled Web I’d Woven!

I’m absolutely loving this man and his knowledge because (although he has no idea) he HAS brought so many of my lines of research together.

As stated in the old post above – Penelope Rich (The Dark Lady) was the mother of Henry Rich.

Henry Rich became the lover of Marie de Rohan. She bore him a daughter who was born in London when Marie stayed at Denmark House.

Henry Rich was the most despised enemy of MY favourite character – Wat Montagu. Wat saw Henry as nothing more than a primped and perfumed gigolo!

Well. I called Henry Rich “Adonis” in the page above. Like mother, like son ?

P.S. Adon’s Flower in the picture below is a FRITILLARY. I love these and have grown them many times :o)

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