Ouroboros : Welcome To the PARTY

This is a good, positive ancient symbol that’s been recently hijacked and made evil. So : I’ll go with that flow :o)

Ouroboros – the snake that eats its own tail aka disappears up its own BLEEP!

This is how I see the yt “TRUTH” community right now. It’s LITERALLY eating IT’s self.

Walking on broken glass…much?

This side says xyz. The other side says ZYX. And the comments implode on both sides with loads of How Very Dare You BS.

Shill. LOVE YOU. Mason. You’re MY favourite. I support Tartaria and Mudflood. I NEVER fell of Tar-tardia.

And Cue: Annie, lass.

I’m having such fun watching the FINE INFANTILE CANNIBALS eating each other alive.



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