Professor Unrat : Professor Unclean

OK. I’ve not read the original book so I can’t comment on the difference/similarities between it and this film.

I’ve been doing stupid stuff again. Clearing out the biggest room in the house in a very OCD fashion.

Lots of bags full of rubbish. Lots of amazing, hidden finds.

Lots of aching muscles and bad language.

Amongst the finds are…my original entrance ticket to “Shakespeare’s House” in Stratford, a stash of all those pens that always disappear when you need a pen (!) and MY Collection of Black & White DVD’s of Favourite films.

Grand Hotel. Nosferatu. Dr Caligiari’s something, Pandora’s Box etc etc PLUS…

…The one featured below.

The room is in total chaos and I’m watching films :o)

Tomorrow is another day.

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