You&Me Against the World

I think y’all know by now that I am NOT a fan of Ian Fleming or Bond (Who Always to me is the TRUE representation of the King of Wands in the Tarot…King Dangalang displaying his wand)

For the meelyonth time : I’ve written about Fleming and his close friend Dorothy Dunnett. The both started writing about the same time. They both wrote their main character as Anti-Heroes. Both Bond and Lymond are cold and removed. BUT – Lymond had both a heart AND a soul. As you find out after many books.

Bond had neither.


The World Is Not Enough – Bond film.

Skyfall…m’eh. His home in Scotland? The Highlands?

Yeh. OK. He had a bad childhood. Whatever. Get over it.

P.S. Unforgiven for killing Judi Dench : Our National Treasure :o)

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