Bucking the Establishment

Although the scene was very different from the one below, me & she did the same kind of nonsense to a Royal Arab Prince in Abu Dhabi.

Well. His Highness should NEVER have asked the board-meeting where they wanted to go and what they wanted to eat.

I chose Italian and she chose a palace.

We all ended up in an ex-Royal Palace converted into a hotel…eating Italian food.

God’s Honest Truth.

Y’all can ask her about Prince’s private island and the gorilla that she demanded to meet, much to the (further) utter embarrassment of the buttoned-up businessmen that we were with.

Oh. Maybe not :o)

BTW : Princey loved it. He took us both for a spin around the city in his custom made BMW at 100 miles an hour, all of us singing along to some rock band blasting on the in-car music system.

P.S. Abu Dhabi is a DRY country when you’re conducting business. Just spring water and coffee !

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