Yes. I can be harsh.

Truth Hurts. FACT.

Imagine what this did to me….

…So beyond harsh that I STILL can’t find a proper word for IT!

A famous yt “truther” boasts on a video that he has invented a cure for something.

I send a private email asking for his help, with his cure.

To help me help my youngest son who lives EVERY SINGLE DAY in both physical and emotional pain.

And I get TOTALLY ignored.

Not a single reply. Not a word. Just a ban from his channel and from any other channel that he’s in cahoots with.

What was I dealing with?

Someone who prefers online public sex with his “groupies?”

A complete liar and fraud?

Or some Cold, Heartless, Soulless bastard who is perfectly happy to sit there and watch a woman/mother suffer?

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