Well Done, Static in the Attic

And thank you for bringing this to light.

I can’t reply on yt. I’d NEVER bring down on your head the absolute hatred that I’ve endured for the past two and a half years.

We both went “public” around the same time and we were both treated like dirt.

I’ve been banned from most “truther” channels.

Had my Patreon account destroyed.

Lost friends and my Fomenko (New Chronology) mentors because someone thought it’d be a jolly giggle to email them and pretend to be me.

I’ve lost ALL means of earning a living online.

I’ve lost two cats and one dog because I had ZERO funds to pay vet fees.

I’ve received multiple death threats.

AND : we are still living in fear of losing our beloved house&home.


Because I TOO refused to follow this new herd.

P.S. It has been soul-destroying for me to see my whole life’s work stolen and abused by certain names who’ve written books containing information that I AND ONLY I had brought to light since 2014.

Things that were NEVER ONCE mentioned on these channels before January 2018.



Thank you. SitA

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