Nightingales are extremely rare in the UK for many reasons. Mainly bad land management and the destruction of the green and growing for concrete and brick.

And :

  1. Less Coppicing

Birds are strongly affected by the three-dimensional structure of woodland.

Coppicing is an ancient form of woodland management or ‘woodsmanship’, which was traditional from the Neolithic until the early C20th. Trees are cut to near ground level and then allowed to regrow, providing a continuous crop of wood as ‘poles’ of different sizes. This also creates a cycle of light and shade as the regrowth increases, mimicking natural changes in a forest, and encouraging a variety of woodland plants and animals.   It also creates a ‘thicket’-like stage a few years after coppicing, which provides conditions much liked by Nightingales. This is one of the main reasons why Nightingales were once so common in British woods.

But : Good News.

Our mate across the road has a nesting pair with babies. He guards them fiercely. Like a NIGHTingale Watchman…Shrug :o)

And cue…NKC

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