Will the REAL Macbeth Stand Up ?

In May 2019 I was deep into Double, Double, Toil and Trouble land.

29th May 2019 : “Most Sacrilegious Murder…” said by MacDuff

30th May 2019 : “To know my deed, ’twere best not know myself.”

30th May 2019 : “Out, damned spot! out, I say!”

31st May 2019 : “My bosom franchised and allegiance clear…”

31st May 2019 : “O horror, horror, horror!”

Then there is the amazing Dorothy Dunnett who spent over a decade writing King Hereafter…


It is the eleventh century and in the isles of Orkney a young boy is born. He is named Thorfinn, baptized as Macbeth. To the north are the warring Vikings and south lies Alba – the Scottish mainland. Orkney is the prize in between, and an unlikely place from which a young man might launch a bid as ruler of a united Scotland.

Yet Thorfinn is unlike other men. He has a warrior’s courage and the wiliness of the underdog. By his side stands his wife Groa, as shrewd and valiant as her husband. Together they will navigate the treacherous waters of the new millennium, uniting a divided nation and birthing a legend that will survive a thousand years.

Thorfinn Macbeth will be King Hereafter . . .

Then there is MS history via Baldrick aka By the pricking of my thumbs, something WICKED this way comes.

Hey. I was due out on a lunch date today but it got cancelled. So I have a whole afternoon to be annoying ;o)

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