The motto of the RMP CPU is ‘Protegimus’, from the Latin ‘haec protegimus’, which means ‘we protect/defend these things’.

Himself was the longest EVER serving instructor at their secret training location. He also served 6 months at a time in Kinshasa, Kigali, Algiers, Cyprus. (And another African city beginning with K that I can never remember. I always call them K K K)

I worked for them (CPU) as an Admin Officer for the M.O.D.

We lived there for four and a half years. Both of us making a few great friends and MANY great enemies.

He was hated because he could deliver a two hour lecture on CP without notes. I was hated because every kid in the street would always come to MY house. Even the Officer Commanding’s kids. And his wife, Jane, who’d throw off her shoes and recline on the sofa with a cup of tea for hours of chittychat with me.

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