Psychic Vampires : Bloofer Lady

Sad to say – I know too much about this Lucy! FACT.

1897. Bram Stoker. GB’s Hidden History Analyses of Vlad, Voivode Drăculești from the House of Basarab.

See many previous posts.

Lucy the Bloofer Lady who likes sucking on children is my focus today.

I’ll start with Sheffield Gothic…as I am NOT a Psychic Vampire and WILL always name my sources (?!)

The ‘‘Bloofer Lady’’ in Bram Stoker’s Dracula: the bloodthirst of a child hunter

Any reader of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897) remembers how Lucy Westenra transforms into a vampire after the continuous attacks of  the Count.  Her transformation into the so-called ‘‘bloofer lady’’ emphasises her new existence as an undead creature. Nevertheless, as Leslie Ann Minot examines, the ‘‘bloofer lady’’ has ‘‘received relatively little critical attention compared to the multiple, complex psychosexual analyses of other scenes of ‘‘vamping’’ in the novel’’ (207). But why this lack of interest ? And why did Stoker decide to change Lucy into this new beast? This blog post will try to find some answers to these questions.

Meanwhile back in 2012 0r maybe 2021 .

A reveal of my own personal Bloofer Lady and how she has sucked the life, family, money, history, research, very-hard-worked-infamy, recognition, name, rights and wrongs from l’il ol’ me via multiple yt channels , multiple useful idiots and multiple other victims of her insatiable “blood-lust” which is there in plain sight for EVERYONE to SEE (?)

P.S. Don’t let on but MY inner child is whole and happy and Very secure in her own little world :o)

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