Pikey : Non-PC Word…Apparently

When I took youngest to the hospital t’other day, I did a Time & Motion study before we set off.

A certain town is exactly half way between us and Lincoln and I had a bit of shopping to do.

So rather than take him there, take him home, get back in the car and go in exactly the opposite direction to buy food, I decided to stop and shop in the middle town.

I stopped. Shopped. Got back in the car and told him about my experience with two “pikey” (my bad) women and how amazingly loud, unmasked and friendly they were. They let almost everyone, myself included, get served before them…because I only had four things in my basket and they had loads.

Well. I got CALLED OUT for using such an offensive word.

Mother : You can’t call them pikeys.

Son : There are worse things to be. Just look at me. I dress like a pikey now. I’m open, unmasked and friendly. I’m a natural born PIKEY.

BTW : Pikey is a UK term for Gypsy.

Free Spirit.

STFU and go away Merchant.

Leave me alone to do my own thing and live my own life person.

I’m NOT a fan Prad Bitt but he plays a great Gypsy vibe here.

P.S. there is a episode of Pie in the Sky called…….Tune in later :o)

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