Religion is The Opiate of The Masses

This is one of the most famous MIS-QUOTES.

See image above.

I know very little about Karl Marx, apart from the fact that he is buried in Highgate Cemetery in London. And has something to do with communism.

Not my era or area of study.

Nor Hegel and his oft-quoted dialectic. Much Too Confusing for a simple soul like me. All I need to know is — Who’s lying/manipulating/agenda driven and who is true?


That religion quote though.

There are many opinions about what Marx was saying. Churchians all lean towards the FACT that he was telling the desperate to turn to the church for comfort.

I see this quote very differently.

More like : Put the Fear Of God into the useless peasants and then make them all follow each other like dozy little sheep.

I use the word FAITH. Never RELIGION.

My faith is private. Never performed in a crowd. And you can’t buy it on a book-shelf.

That’s why “the they” avoid me like the cov-plague :o)

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