Tonight, Tonight & Tonight

Just to diss Hamlet.

Britain is officially Beerless.

NO Guinness Draught anywhere. In my town.

OK. Tonight.

We have a FINAL.

Shame neither Harry nor Gareth could do the Cristiano Ronaldo thing and tell kids to drink AGUA and not coke.

Product Placement, much?

Coke. Heineken. Fedex.

GAZPROM is a Russian Gas Company.

TikTok is….!

Allpay will steal your money in less than a second via the internet.

Bored with the rest.

TRUE TRUTH : I’ve been to Qatar several times. Doha is the flight change from Heathrow to Dubai/Abu Dhabi.

Qatar Airways always give a great 8 hour service.

2022: World Cup is in Qatar. Which means that any Northern UK/American etc team will DIE in the heat.

Harry and Gareth being VERY awkward.

Is this a cunning plan to save Bojo?

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