I Have OFFICIALLY Fallen Off The Edge of the Earth

Talking about my schooldays – as I was, to myself – I remember Mr Findley, our History Teacher talking about this.

Being only about 12/13 years old it went over my head.

As in, it didn’t make sense.

Why vilify a whole era for being so stupid as to claim a flat world? Neither Newton nor Einstein had been born then.

He (Mr mad Findley …. and a fellow qegs friend the same thing to me just 2 days ago. MAD Mr Findley) laughed at the notion of FLAT.


Two points.

Flat is pejorative and should be banned.

Round means ROUND. Not spherical.

P.S. Chris Colombus DID exist.

GB : 21st Feb 2019

The real man has just been HIDDEN by HISTORY (?)

P.P.S. Did Borat narrate this ?

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