The People Who Shaped ME

His name is Jim.

He was a school mate and a good friend.

He is very like everyone else in my school. Well – the 50% of us that said TFAYCD.

TFAYCD – A Boothby Graffoe song.

Of course we had the usual goodygoody kids in the class.

Then there was me and K and A and H and J and A and…….seeing how may people we could fit into a cupboard experiment. Or doing our own fire drills. Or being in class detention…once or a few times. Or spending the weekend together to see how many places we could be thrown out off. Invading the music room to play OUR music, max vol. Or…….

Jeez. We had some High Energy waaaay back in the day


Jim…as I knew him. BAD PERSON :o)

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