FGM : Do NOT Gurgle IT

Gurgle will tell you this kind of BS.

Some scholars have
proposed Ancient Egypt (present-day Sudan and
Egypt) as its site of origin, noting the discovery of
circumcised mummies from fifth century BC. Other
scholars theorize that the practice spread across the
routes of the slave trade, extending from the
western shore of the Red Sea to the southern,
western African regions, or spread from the Middle
to Africa via Arab traders.

OK. Really?

How many FGM mummies have you heard talked about when they EXAMINE the mummified females?

This is HISTORY?

Well. It was done 3,000 and more years ago in Egypt, at the dawn of civilisation, so it MUST be FACT.

If this was a TRULY TRUE fact then why and how are we all here?

If that part of the body on a girl is hacked, infected and/or sewn up, then every birth since 3,000 years ago has been the result of a traumatic rape to some poor woman. And the birth even worse.

What’s the point of sex between a man and a woman if only one of them get any pleasure?

Why are there so many female sex workers?

Why would a man turn to a man or a woman to a woman for that totally natural and beautiful act?

Do cows and hens and peahens and/or any single female animal get the elastic band treatment?

NO. Only the males. Eunuchs.

FGM is MODERN. An invention to totally traumatise and humiliate women in the most painful way possible.

Just MY humble opinion.

BTW : which parent could EVER let their daughter go through this?


THINK HARD & LONG and then come back to me and talk about Mystery History and Buildings.


P.S. I call this a DEVIANT BURIAL.

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