I Am NOT An Astrologer but…

I’m noticing a pattern.

Certain Moon phases fall into the sign that is opposite the current sun sign.

Like now.

The Full Moon tomorrow (Buck/Thunder Moon) is in Aquarius.

The sign opposite Aquarius is Leo.

The sun is now in Leo.

The constellation Leo is associated with the mythological Nemean lion. The lion is a very important and prominent symbol in Greek mythology. Its opposite sign is Aquarius.

P.S. Wasn’t Hercules’ first labour against the Nemean Lion?


Lewis, Hathaway and Maddox’s abilities as a team are severely tested when they investigate the brutal stabbing of an American classics scholar. The bizarre case that follows takes in the cocaine trade, astrophysics and ancient drama.

Classics postgraduate student Rose Anderson is killed while jogging. She had been having an affair with Felix Garwood (whose wife Philippa was her academic supervisor), an astronomy professor, but Felix had recently dumped her; she retaliates by knocking him off his bike in her blue Mini (assembled at BMW’s local Plant Oxford in Cowley). Felix later meets a violent end in his office filled with antique astronomical instruments, including a telescope which had previously belonged to Isaac Newton (filming location was the Tower of the Winds, part of the Radcliffe Observatory).

Meanwhile, questions arise regarding the Classics professor Simon Flaxmore, who had made his name by apparently rediscovering the lost Euripides play Alcmaeon in Corinth (Ἀλκμαίων ὁ διὰ Κορίνθου, 405 BC), which hints at hidden paternity. He seems very concerned to insist that he hardly knew Rose at all and had never spoken to her, but how likely is that, given that she was studying the subject on which he is the college’s expert? Hathaway works out that the ‘rediscovered’ play is a fraud as it refers to the ‘two lions of Nemea’, while the constellation of Leo Minor was only so named by Johannes Hevelius in 1687. Research shows that Flaxmore’s fingerprints match those of Linus Cage, who was imprisoned for fraud, released in 1985 and appointed as classics professor on a fabricated CV in 1992. Rose had discovered this and was planning to expose him.

Felix’s wife Philippa’s sister, Jennie Brightway, has a daughter Tabitha with Fanconi anaemia, whom Rose tutored. Jennie and her husband Paul, desperate to engender a saviour sibling via In vitro fertilisation, have been struggling to find the money for this expensive procedure, but Rose has donated a large sum to help them. Could they be connected somehow to the murders of their tutor and brother-in-law? Chemical analysis shows that the telescope used to kill Felix had been wiped clean with lens wipes, which points to Jennie’s husband Paul Brightway, who is an optometrist. It was only when they undertook IVF that Paul discovered that Jenny and Felix had had an affair and that Tabitha is Felix’s daughter. Paul killed Felix because he threatened to take Jennie and the children away from him. Felix had also made Rose pregnant.

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