WOW! Unbelievable.

And slightly embarrassing.

To be caught right in the middle of a total breakdown. Floods of tears and looking very ugly and snotty.

I have been so bombarded by HATRED today. I had an overwhelmed moment.

Totally dismissed in a live a chat.

An email from VAL17 so full of hatred and bile and going on and on about someone called Karen. Who is Karen?

And then this shows up.

Which Witch is Which?

FFS. He and his just love to stalk this website, steal my work and then do any and every thing nasty that they can to KILL me.

Use my dead father’s name as a yt channel.

Tell me, under my dead mother’s name to “JUST FUCK OFF THEN.”

To troll and follow me wherever I comment on yt.

Talk about GRAVES on Xmas EVE when they KNOW that is when I buried my child and my mother.

BTW : Matt and Static and a T4 live chat is me. Hardly a BLITZKRIEG of GB comments.

And STILL – after well over 2 years – I get the Witch BS from Doug.

This breakdown is just temporary. FACT!

Not matter how deep THE THEY have set the PUTRID ROT.

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