Clear Left? : Don’t Say No. It Sounds Like GO!


I’m a housewifey driver. Nothing special. Sometimes terrified. Prone to bad words & offensive hand gestures!!!

But himself is an ADVANCED Driver.

Lord help me.

Like my Dad and my Brother.


Look ahead. FAR AHEAD.

When you reach a junction and ask your passenger if it is clear left…Dear Passenger, DON’T SAY NO etc. Say CLEAR.

Never Drive with your hand on the gear stick. The instructor WILL slap it with a ruler or somesuch.

NEVER ride the clutch.

Always do partial breaking rather than slam on the brakes – it warns the car behind.

NEVER EVER stop at a roundabout if your forward observation has already said that it’s safe to enter.

Accelerate out of a bend.

Use the gears to slow down before the BRAKE SLAM.

YadaYada and all that.

I HATE Driving him. Bloody front seat back seat driver :o(

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