The Hidden History Under My Feet

It’s not a case of what you know, but who you know!

I know several Highways and Byways workmen. I live with one of them! Yesterday he came home and BLEW my mind with Hidden History.

In 2007, the local Market Town (where we lived at the time) had severe floods. As the water abated, gangers were sent down to the cellar of a famous town building to sort out a floor cave-in.

That’s when they learned that beneath the roads and buildings of the entire town is a huge network of “Roman” tunnels with perfect arches every 5 feet or so. As if they were always built to be underground (?)

And I quote from a professional bricklayer who was there – The brickwork was so beautiful and complicated that I could not even attempt to do that!

The same men also found underground tunnels from the ruined abbey in the village up the road that stretch for 10 miles to the castle in another village.

These are not well-known facts because when ever a sink-hole appears in town, the men fill it in as quickly as possible. For safety, of course but also…..?

This is not NEWS as such. Just strange to understand now that all the MYSTERY HISTORY tunnels around the world are truly the NORM rather than just some strange, secret, SECRET.

I live in the forgotten county of the UK. We are just fields and villages and tractors. There is not even a Motorway here.

Below is a video of another local tunnel. Not that interesting and connected to the long, lost railway system we once had before Dr Beeching axed most rural railways and earned himself a Baronetcy for it.

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