Hometown in the Rain : Not My Video

If you stop the moving picture below at around 34 seconds…

The semi-circular building back left is where the cellar caved in and entrance was gained to a set of tunnels.

Just behind it you can see St Mary’s Church and Church Lane.

The god-awful 1960’s square, flat roofed building just to the right is what replaced Sellwood Manor House, the childhood home of Emily Sellwood aka Emily, Lady Tennyson after she married Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Around 4:09, A. Hare & Sons used to be the wool warehouse where barges unloaded …wool…from the canal beside it.

Scrummies is owned by my Emu/Kiwi/NZ mate and just opposite, out of sight around the corner is our old house.

The disgusting black and white building at 5:30 was once my Beautiful Shop.

The huge red brick building just past the Crown Pub on the right at around 5:55 is called The Doctor’s House. BFF wanted to buy it years ago so we did a viewing. The kids of the town call it The Haunted House because the original Doctor Owner turned parts of it into a Lunatic Asylum in the mid/late 1800’s.

7:43 is my old school…QEGS. Founded 1571…named after Betty I, The Virgin Queen. My boys went there too.

9:09 shows Maypole House. It used to be a private school. Now flats for low income families.

9:30 Bush Tyres was once the Railway Station before Dr Beeching destroyed it. And all the way up the hill is where I did my paper round, aged 11.

11:47 is the Weir where my brothers and I used to go fishing with nets and jam jars. As you can see…this is one of two rivers that run through the town. No wonder we were so badly flooded in 2007!!

18:50 The teeny tiny house with the blue plaque was where William Marwood had his cobblers shop. He is the Hangman who invented the LongDrop to stop executions being so brutal and drawn out. I wlaked past there this morning.

Starting at 22:04 The red and cream building was my second shop. The music men took over all my shop signs and just had them repainted.

Old Nick’s Tavern at 22:44 is home of the Almaboobies (Victoria, Elizabeth and Alexandra) and their parents. I used to go there to watch the girls perform live.

I’m bored now. I kinda know this place pretty well.

And for being in a valley bounded by two rivers, there NOT much evidence of mudflood (?)

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