Let FEB Entertain You ?

Oi! Double Flat Thumbs! Welcome to FEBs Flatastic Flatterday experience! Buckle in for another roller-coaster ride of love ,and fun & leaning! Relax .and let Martin entertain you! Tonight we look into the ongoing Geological cover up to hide resets ,and cataclysm’s. We examine the Scablands in Washington State U.S.A a strange geological waste land cited by quackademia to be a site of floods attributed to the bullshit ice age. J Harlen Bretz a geologist disputed this claim, and showed it was actually Noah’s Flood that created the high fuckedupness of the Scablands .and in the recent past. Yet again speaking of the obvious Reset system was covered up, and ridiculed by the fuckwits in the field of Geology. Enjoy! Included today ‘a hard rains gonna to fall’ Time life Mindblows from Histories Photography ,Curiosity’s & current affairs , plus Pics of the day! Comedy with some of my favourite ladybird book covers. Warning if you are easily offended by swearing naughty jokes, massive jugs ,and serious notgiveafuckness , Tough shit! 😉 haha! Onelove!! my beautiful brothers & sisters of the only sane tribe left of the face of this Flat Earth! Just Epic!

Robbie is One Cocky Bastard. But in a good way. IMHO. He has 4 kids :o)

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