Scold’s Bridle vs yt Ban

Much of a muchness.

Both are CRUEL!

One of my Many (?!) pet hates is …

When you are talking, the person you are talking to buttinski’s and talks AT you.

We all do this. But I’ve had it happen soooooo often to me that I can catch myself and apologise, then let the speaker finish. As in LISTEN to what they are saying.

The MOST ADORED & REVERED peeps in the history of history are all called Very Interesting Peeps. Which translates as – Very Quiet Listeners.

Buttinski’s are NOT LISTENING they are thinking of how to ONEUPMANSHIP you. They don’t give a toss about you. It’s all them, them, them.

So WHY did only Women wear Scold’s Bridles?

And who put it on them?

And who held the key?

Above image is a male and female bridle ? ? ?

Bridles are used to control wild horses?

Just my stupid opinion. WTF do I know?

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