HISTORY IS PEOPLE & NOT youtube channels.

Still no one will listen to me. Whatever.

I am, and have been for many years, a member of several academic institutions.

I’m updated daily or weekly or monthly about the latest MainStream History papers.

Why do I do this?

Because I’m a professional. As in I do the research.

How the hell can anyone set themselves up as an EXPERT ALTERNATIVE HISTORIAN if they don’t have a clue about what is happening OUT THERE? What they are debunking? What the F%CK?

Lately, I’m getting many emails about Tamar of Georgia. I’ve covered her several times here to try and show people the links between Russia/Tartaria and Turkey (Byzantine History.)

Tamar was so interconnected with the Comnenus of Constantinople that even Wiki can’t hide it.

It was to her (Tamar) that her sister returned with the grandson’s of Andronicus Comnenus. She was their aunt. Her sister Rusudan had married the son of Andronicus. Andronicus’ mother was Tamar’s aunt? Great aunt? Relative anyway.

She (Tamar) protected the child survivors of 1185 and helped them set up the Empire of Trebizond.

Research is NOT youtube videos. It’s years of delving into multiple sources from multiple angles. Primary. Secondary. Tertiary.


At 0:40 seconds….did I hear that right?

Georgia is sometimes confused with the American state of the same name.

Yup. Rewound. It WAS said.

Recognise the flag of Georgia (not in America) ?

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